One of my favourite things about the immensely cultural city of Montréal is the sheer amount of graffiti and street art on almost every street. I took the below photograph the second night that I was in the city and honestly, if it wasn’t so early in the pictures, I might have completely over-looked it because I took so many pictures of the fabulous art lining the buildings around town. Many of the images are closer to a massive canvas painting rather than graffiti, so to call it anything but art would be an injustice. No matter whether you’re into visual arts such as painting, drawing, sculpting, photography, or any other type of art like music, theater, or dance… Montréal is the place to be in the summer time!

On the streets of Montréal, a common sight is the graffiti, street art and paintings that line the many buildings. This was a parking lot, which is where you are likely to find images closer to graffiti. On the sides of restaurants or stores, especially on corners to alleys, you’ll see the more artistic and canvas style images.


To check out a different style of street art found in Montreal, check out:

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