While on the subject of the gorgeous art on the buildings in the city of Montréal, I thought I’d show a bit of the contrast. In the previous post (, I showed a side of the city’s art that is represented in a very rebellious way. Commonly, it’s thought of more as graffiti and “defemation” of public property. This is not necessarily always the case, but the style represents those ideals, along with many other. The indivuduals choose, of course, whether they subscribe to any of them. You will find a lot of words, messages or “tags” in this kind of street art. Sometimes it’s political, other times it is anarchist and every so often, it’s an alter-ego that someone has created for his or herself.


Another style of street art found in Montréal is a more traditionally artistic style, with few letters/writing. The message is the image, whether it’s people, animals, arcitechture, objects, fantasy… Anything you can draw is included! Often with this style, you see shading and definition in the images, but they tend to look more 2 dimentional in comparison with some style of graffiti art, intended to seem 3D. In Montréal, I noticed that the graffiti style was found a lot more in common areas, like parking lots, or buildings near parks or Metro stations. The more refined art is often found on main streets, be it doors of a store or the side of an apartment building. The most common spot, with often the most intricate pieces, were found on corners leading to an alleyway. The photograph below is a great example of that, found in the Plateau if memory serves me correctly.

Street art found in Montreal in the summer of 2012 in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

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Otterburn Park

It looks like I`m turning the daily in dailyjaunt to weekly. I`m of the mindset that I can accomplish a lot more than I actually can in a week. Maybe it`s just in the midst of a lot of chaos, I needed a bit of a break, but I`m back. No more sick animals, and I`ve got 2 months before I move to Montréal.


I spent my summer in the eastern part of Canada, and it captured me… Québec especially. I had one heck of a summer romance in a town about a half hour outside of the biggest city in the province, Montréal, called Otterburn Park. It neighboured Saint-Hilaire, with a mountain sharing the same name.


With nerves eating me up inside, as soon as I turned off the highway into my love`s town upon arrival, I stopped to take this photograph. It was the end of a beautiful sunset, offset by my love of bridges, so I swerved to the shoulder of the road, put on my hazard lights and grabbed my camera. I had a lot of hope and it seems the sky wanted to show it off.


A late summer sunset in Otterburn Park, Québec.

To anyone still around to see what I`m posting: You are the coolest! Thanks for caring. I keep you all updated on what the new plan is when it comes to posting on this site. I`m thinking bi-weekly, but my life, as well as the pursuit of my photography career is too demanding for me to be able to post daily… For now!


Any and all comments are appreciated. 🙂

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