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Memories of Music; Discarded in Woodbridge

Memories of Music; Discarded in Woodbridge

In the suburb of Vaughan, just north of Toronto, Ontario; Woodbridge is not a place that particularly reminds me of the wilderness. Despite the name, it’s mostly housing developments that, according to locals, have only existed for little over a decade.

However, nestled in Pine Grove, Boyd Park is an expanse of what nature would have intended. Although, plenty of the remains of parties lay scattered in the brush. Here, I spotted a vintage chord organ, smashed on a log. The instrument seemed just as dead as the tree beneath it and both were seemingly just waiting to be sucked into the earth.

Thanks for checking out my blog while I try to get my life sorted out. Maybe my many harddrives of travel photos will all be in one place one day and I will be able to more easily update this blog with fun pictures!

Until we meet again!

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