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Beachy Head, East Dean

Beachy Head Turret

Beachy Head in East Dean, a suburb of Eastbourne in East Sussex (that was a lot of easts!) has seen quite a bit. The moment I saw this turret, I imagined what had brought these structures to this place. My estimation turned out to be the likeliest of scenarios.

Beachy Head had a royal air force radar station, which saw much activity in World War II covering the area from Brighton to Hastings from ten miles out to sea. This and other turrets scattered along the hillside along the edges of England where the land meets the sea is likely where soldiers were to defend their country in case of attack.

Keep in mind this east, east, east location… Right across the English Channel from France. Dieppe, to be exact, where a gruesome and bloody battle took place. Of the nearly 5,000 Canadian soldiers in this raid, more than 900 were killed (about 18 percent) and 1,874 taken prisoner (37%).

After reading quite a bit about the battle on the France side of the Channel (The Dieppe Raid), it hit me hard to know that this land I was standing on may have had the tiniest of contributions to one of the most disastrous battles that my fellow countrymen were apart of during the World War II.

I hope to find something similar when I go to Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France. Maybe even something more telling of the historic battle.

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Hermosa Beach, California

Hermosa Beach, California

This photograph was taken while I was on tour with Warped Tour in 2010. I stopped in California for a few shows in late August and while in the area, I stayed with a relative who lives just a few blocks from the gorgeous sandy beaches of southern California.

Hermosa Beach is a tight-knit beach community in Torrance, California which is a suburb of Los Angeles. My favourite spot was the long boardwalk by the sea where I could whip out my roller skates and glide along the ocean. As much culture as Venice Beach may have, the quiet serenity of Hermosa in the early hours of the morning made me glad to be outside of one of the world’s largest cities, while being mere minutes from the opportunities in the city.


Although, I probably should have stopped roller skating to take this picture. My balance and poise kept me (and my camera) vertical, though!

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During my last couple of days in Europe, I hung out with a guy I met at a festival a month or so prior. Bournemouth is a place renowned for the beach and this photo seems to capture my friend’s personality well.

Bournemouth, England in September 2011.

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Why, hello my friends! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful May afternoon/evening/morning or anything in between, depending on where you are! I decided that, what with the hectic nature of festival season upon us, I would convert to the dark side! Yes, I seriously don’t own a laptop (because it killed itself and I’m saving for a half decent new one) so I won’t be posting updates immediately from sunny Las Vegas or the stunning landscape of central Washington at Sasquatch! Music Festival. At least on WordPress! You will, however, be able to find previews and “low quality” updates via my cell phone. I edit and post them on Insta.gram, on which my user name is scrapedelbow.

I know, I know… Cell phone cameras? Well, you’d be surprised! And as much as I would love to use all the expertise I learned in photography school to operate a manual (D)SLR, sometimes the best you have is what fits in your pocket. Or what is easiest to transfer through the internet!

Once again, as well as finding me on Insta.gram, my photography page on Facebook is and my personal website (which is in dire need of a make-over… Stay tuned in June for that!) can be found at

Here’s a couple photos taken and edited completely on my phone and uploaded onto my Insta.gram account. My lovely model was my best friend’s 20 month old son,











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In the summer of 2011, I went on a grand adventure around the UK and visited some family in Europe. During my visit to the UK, it was my friend Cai’s birthday in August, so I coordinated my visit to Wales, his home country, to be in time for his birthday. While I was there, he wanted to show me Swansea, the city in which his university is located, so I eagerly agreed to go.

Being from a city known primarily for a mountain known as the peak of Vancouver, I thought I knew hills. PFFT! You may have thought San Francisco was bad, but I can’t say I’ve ever climbed such a steep hill where you could find cars, houses, streetlights… Not a mountain, a street. I guess I’ve figured out why you’ve never seen an obese Welsh person! (And if you have, I’m 99% sure they either don’t live in Swansea or they use their car absolutely everywhere they go!)

Found on the south/west coast of Wales, Swansea is the second most populous city in Wales, after the capital, Cardiff. Interestingly enough, at the height of the city’s popularity, it was known at “Copperopolis,” one of the key centers of the world’s copper industry. These days, it’s all about the beach, as with many coastal cities. Locals, as with many cities around the UK, are often avid football (FC, not NFL if that makes sense) fans. Fate would have it that I arrived soon after of the announcement of Swansea AFC’s entry into the English Premier League. This was the first time in the history of the league since it’s inception that a Welsh team was on the roster.I happened to hear the first game they played in the league on the radio very briefly. Unfortunately, it a 4-0 loss to Manchester City. For those (like me) who don’t know much about the English Premier League, Swansea AFC has one of the lowest (if not lowest) budgets, where-as Manchester City is often regarded as the richest team. Talk about David and Goliath!

My mouse still hates me, so creating my little collages will be put on hold a little bit longer. For the photo of the day, I thought I’d share an image from the gorgeous sandy beaches of Swansea.


The beach at Swansea in August, 2011.

My new format with voting is to stick it on the bottom of posts for the last 7 days of the month. If you haven’t already voted, please do so!

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VOTE NOW! Whichever has the most votes by 11:59pm, Monday, April 30th wins and for the first 7 days of May, my photographs will be a photo-essay in that theme. (If there is a tie, whichever had the most votes first will be chosen.)

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The Sunshine Coast

Today we visit an island off the coast of British Columbia called the Sunshine Coast. In this post, I want to highlight the coast of the island and the wilderness in the area, which is a part of what this area of the world is known for, as well as being a reason I love it so much!

In some posts, you’ll find a long story, but today, I’ll let the photographs speak for me.

All the above images were taken on the Sunshine Coast, From Gibsons, to Seaschelt, to Pender Harbour.

Here is the photograph of the day, taken in late July of 2010 in Pender Harbour, British Columbia.

Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

And special thanks to Andrew Petcher ( for being the only one to vote on first poll, leading to pictures of bridges in fish-eye for the next week! Watch out for next month’s poll to get your say on what the theme for the first week of April will be!

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