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Dublin’s Motion in Transportation

This shot was taken of a passing LUAS train by the Government Buildings towards the River Liffey.

This shot was taken of a passing LUAS train by the Government Buildings towards the River Liffey.

Dublin's Motion in Transportation

A double decker bus and a cyclist traveling in opposite directions at an intersection near Trinity College.

These past few months have been a whirlwind. I seem incapable of settling in one place for long, so I thought I’d pay tribute to that in my post today.

These shots were both taken in Dublin in February on the evening of my birthday in 2013.

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Beachy Head, East Dean

Beachy Head Turret

Beachy Head in East Dean, a suburb of Eastbourne in East Sussex (that was a lot of easts!) has seen quite a bit. The moment I saw this turret, I imagined what had brought these structures to this place. My estimation turned out to be the likeliest of scenarios.

Beachy Head had a royal air force radar station, which saw much activity in World War II covering the area from Brighton to Hastings from ten miles out to sea. This and other turrets scattered along the hillside along the edges of England where the land meets the sea is likely where soldiers were to defend their country in case of attack.

Keep in mind this east, east, east location… Right across the English Channel from France. Dieppe, to be exact, where a gruesome and bloody battle took place. Of the nearly 5,000 Canadian soldiers in this raid, more than 900 were killed (about 18 percent) and 1,874 taken prisoner (37%).

After reading quite a bit about the battle on the France side of the Channel (The Dieppe Raid), it hit me hard to know that this land I was standing on may have had the tiniest of contributions to one of the most disastrous battles that my fellow countrymen were apart of during the World War II.

I hope to find something similar when I go to Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France. Maybe even something more telling of the historic battle.

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Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier - Valentines Day 2013

Upon arriving in Brighton, I ventured a few steps from the bus station and discovered the gorgeous sight found at the pier around sunset. The seagulls were circling from what seemed like every direction, the lights were flashing and the people acted as if like the chilly winds of February on the coast didn’t bother them.

To my loyal followers, I apologize for the delay in getting the first post up since my travels began, but I’ve finally settled a bit and it’s time to start posting again. I hope you are all keeping well in your corner of this globe! This will be a couple of weeks of update until I can muster the courage to keep adventuring to bring you more escapades around the world. Next up should be Europe with my cousin!

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A Swedish Delight: Kungsportsbron

sw (290)

While enjoying my first trip to Sweden in 2007 visiting my uncle, his wife and my cousin, we ventured across many bridges in Gothenburg, Sweden.This particular bridge is called Kungsportsbron. It is a bridge over the moat in central Gothenburg, connecting Kungsportsavenyn with Kungsportsplatsen.

The bridge is named after the King’s Gate, a city port that was demolished 1836-1839. It was designed by architect Eugene Thorburn in the Italian Renaissance style and was opened August 14, 1901 by King Oscar II. That information brought to you by a combination of Swedish wikipedia and Google Translate.

The stone work and street lamps strike me most when looking at the bridge, but if you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I have a thing for bridges and bodies of water.

Thanks for stopping by!

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London from The Eye

London from The Eye

Of my many trips to London, I’ve only been up on the London Eye once. This photograph was taken in March of 2007 and it remains a favourite of mine taken in the city of London. The haze around the city mixes with the colours of the sky so beautifully that it makes me pause every time I rediscover this picture. Big Ben and the Elizabeth Tower surrounding the bell, as well as all of the Parliament buildings seem to stand out against the rest of the city, along with Westminister Bridge.

I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!

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Piazza San Marco in Venice

Piazza San Marco in Venice

This photograph was taken during my spring break from high school back in 2007. My brother as well as my mom were my companions on this trip and this shot is of my brother. We did the typical tourist thing of feeding the birds in Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) and I really liked this shot of him.

More memories of Europe are really encouraging me to end up there this summer!!

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Millenium Bridge towards St. Paul’s Cathedral

Millenium Bridge towards St. Paul's Cathedral

I thought I would start 2013 off right with a shot of one of my favourite cities on this planet, London. This was taken in 2011, but I am currently in the planning stages of a trip back to Europe (which usually results in London).

This photograph was taken with a fish-eye lens and it seems to exude a feel of the British city that matches my memory of it. There’s diversity in the people, looming and dramatic clouds as well as astounding architecture as far as the eye can see.

Happy 2013 WordPress! I wish each of you a year that see’s you move forward towards your dreams.

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Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden

I’ve founds quite a few trends when I look through my photos from the various places I’ve been. One of those trends includes skateboarders, as well as skateparks and ramps. From the graffiti to the culture and style, it’s always fascinated me, so no matter where I go, if I see it, I want to capture it.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, I discovered a make-shift skate park beneath the Älvsborg Bridge, and although void of any skaters, it caught my eye. Usually, I don’t bother with a wide angle lens with the skateboarders around, but with the expansive space to ourselves, my cousin, his wife and I wandered through and checked out the graffiti art and bits of broken wood, whether it was from old boards or old ramps. I caught this image of a half pipe in early August of 2011 and I really like the way it turned out with the fish-eye lens.


A halfpipe in Gothenburg, Sweden in August of 2011.

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Along my travels, I’ve seen and capture much street art, especially on the island of Ireland, both in the Republic of and the Northern area. In Dublin, I took a photograph of this bit of art and I love the way it turned out, with the sharp detail and stark contrast.

Dublin street art in late August of 2011.

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During my most recent visit to the UK, I decided to stop in to visit a friend I had made at a festival in California the year before. She lived in Royston with her son and in nearby Cambridge, I had an experience I will never forget! Take a look at the photo below.Yes, what you’re seeing is correct. The neck of a guitar sticking out of a trash bin. Playing that neck is the arm of a man. A man who is inside the garbage, playing, as well as singing. By far the most original busker I have ever encountered!

Cambridge, England. Busker singing and playing guitar in a trash bin. I was shocked and amazed!

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