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Beachy Head, East Dean

Beachy Head Turret

Beachy Head in East Dean, a suburb of Eastbourne in East Sussex (that was a lot of easts!) has seen quite a bit. The moment I saw this turret, I imagined what had brought these structures to this place. My estimation turned out to be the likeliest of scenarios.

Beachy Head had a royal air force radar station, which saw much activity in World War II covering the area from Brighton to Hastings from ten miles out to sea. This and other turrets scattered along the hillside along the edges of England where the land meets the sea is likely where soldiers were to defend their country in case of attack.

Keep in mind this east, east, east location… Right across the English Channel from France. Dieppe, to be exact, where a gruesome and bloody battle took place. Of the nearly 5,000 Canadian soldiers in this raid, more than 900 were killed (about 18 percent) and 1,874 taken prisoner (37%).

After reading quite a bit about the battle on the France side of the Channel (The Dieppe Raid), it hit me hard to know that this land I was standing on may have had the tiniest of contributions to one of the most disastrous battles that my fellow countrymen were apart of during the World War II.

I hope to find something similar when I go to Dieppe, Seine-Maritime, France. Maybe even something more telling of the historic battle.

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