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Dublin’s Motion in Transportation

This shot was taken of a passing LUAS train by the Government Buildings towards the River Liffey.

This shot was taken of a passing LUAS train by the Government Buildings towards the River Liffey.

Dublin's Motion in Transportation

A double decker bus and a cyclist traveling in opposite directions at an intersection near Trinity College.

These past few months have been a whirlwind. I seem incapable of settling in one place for long, so I thought I’d pay tribute to that in my post today.

These shots were both taken in Dublin in February on the evening of my birthday in 2013.

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Today, we visit a day in late March of 2007. I was in Italy with my mom and brother, arriving to the city via ferry late at night. Discovering the city in daylight the next day, we discovered just how tourist-oriented the city of Venice really is. It seemed as if almost everyone we met was a foreigner, from shop and restaurant owners to people walking down the street. The major exception to this rule was the gondoliers, the men operating gondola’s around the city in the canals.

When it comes to Venice, there’s shopping, tiny streets with buildings surrounding you, canals and Piazza San Marco. What trip is complete without a gondola ride, a view of the Grand Canal, feeding pigeons in the Piazza San Marco and a walk along all the gorgeous bridges? Here’s a little peak of my trip.


From the top left: Shops along a walkway in Piazza San Marco, a bit of typical Venice architecture, Procuratie Nuove in Piazza San Marco, and along the bottom row, photos from a gondola ride, The Grand Canal and a gondolier.

Going through the photos, there were a few of me and my family feeding the pigeons in typical tourist fashion, so I thought an artsy picture of the pigeons in the gorgeous weather would be as good as any for a daily photo! I have no doubt this blog will visit Venice again in photos, and you’ll get to see a bit more. But for now, I leave you with a quote from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Playwright, Poet, Novelist and Dramatist. 1749-1832)

“Where there is much light, the shadow is deep”


Pigeons around Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy around late March of 2007.

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