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Edinburgh, Scotland has one of the most amazing landscapes one can hope for in such a sizable city. From the hills and mountains to the ocean to the north. Every time I was on any sort of hill or on top of a tall building, I wanted to check out the skyline and bask in it’s beauty. The shot below was taken on top of Camera Obsura, which is just next to the entrance of Edinburgh Castle. Being in the UK, it’s not surprising that the majority of the time I was in the city, clouds covered the sky, but I like the mood it adds in this shot.

The view from Camera Obscura in Edinburgh, Scotland in early September of 2011.

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Niagara Falls

As a Canadian, or even just a traveler, Niagara Falls is a must. While I was in Ontario in the summer of 2012, I had been told by many that it would be worth the trip outside of the city, and with my good fortune, I made a couple friends in a hostel and with a car I rented, we trekked out to Niagara.

This is my favourite photo I took while I was on the Maid of the Mist, the boat that takes you on a tour of the 3 waterfalls. Of them, two are pictured here, the smaller being Bridal Veil Falls on the right and the American Falls on the left, both of which are on the American side of the border. I’m a sucker for rainbows, so it’s no wonder I love this photo. The largest falls, and arguably the most famous, are called the Horseshoe Falls, for their shape, and they are on the Canadian side. It gets pretty misty down there, so I’ll post another photo of it from above, but I always like being in the thick of it. As a wise photographer once said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough” – Robert Capa


Rainbow at Niagara Falls – American Falls on the left and Bridal Veil Falls on the right.

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Otterburn Park

It looks like I`m turning the daily in dailyjaunt to weekly. I`m of the mindset that I can accomplish a lot more than I actually can in a week. Maybe it`s just in the midst of a lot of chaos, I needed a bit of a break, but I`m back. No more sick animals, and I`ve got 2 months before I move to Montréal.


I spent my summer in the eastern part of Canada, and it captured me… Québec especially. I had one heck of a summer romance in a town about a half hour outside of the biggest city in the province, Montréal, called Otterburn Park. It neighboured Saint-Hilaire, with a mountain sharing the same name.


With nerves eating me up inside, as soon as I turned off the highway into my love`s town upon arrival, I stopped to take this photograph. It was the end of a beautiful sunset, offset by my love of bridges, so I swerved to the shoulder of the road, put on my hazard lights and grabbed my camera. I had a lot of hope and it seems the sky wanted to show it off.


A late summer sunset in Otterburn Park, Québec.

To anyone still around to see what I`m posting: You are the coolest! Thanks for caring. I keep you all updated on what the new plan is when it comes to posting on this site. I`m thinking bi-weekly, but my life, as well as the pursuit of my photography career is too demanding for me to be able to post daily… For now!


Any and all comments are appreciated. 🙂

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Las Vegas

A last minute photograph taken just before we headed to the airport to return north seems to be my favourite, or definitely close to it, from my trip to Nevada. Unfortunately, I lost a good majority of the pictures through a technical error on my computer, but I’m working to see what I can recover.

The photograph in question was of a sunrise in Las Vegas on a late Spring morning.

Las Vegas

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The Gorge Ampitheater

After mounds and mounds of work (most of which was filed nicely inside of a computer, so more like gigs and gigs) kept me away from WordPress for too long!

A couple weeks ago, I saw Tenacious D at the Gorge Amphitheater on Monday night of Sasquatch! Music Festival. Here’s a picture from that show. (I have the coolest job in the world!!)

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Washington State

Hello again, friends! I have returned to the internet, as well as North Vancouver! Time for some new pictures, right? That was the point of my trips to Las Vegas and central Washington State!

Being that the second half of my trip was photographing for “work” (can you really call THAT much fun “work”?) for, I have begun to tackle the massive photo-editing mission in front of me from the middle, to the end, then back to the beginning until I finish back at the middle. If you’re still with me after that one, here’s my first photograph on my way to central Washington.

This was taken at 8:25pm on May 25, 2012. Me and my partner in crime throughout the duration of Sasquatch! Music Festival were headed the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington and here we were about halfway there on our drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, so likely just a few miles outside of Seattle. I love that you can spy the word “Travel” along the bottom and the beautiful sunset of this gorgeous late spring evening took my breath away. At a nearby gas station, the attendant didn’t seem quite as impressed with the sky, as he told me that later in the summer, the colours appear much more vibrant.

A sunset in Washington State in late spring, 2012.

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I spent a good portion of my time in Sweden with my cousin and his wife. They are quite possibly the most adorable couple I have ever met! Congratulations to my cousin who is just about graduated! I wish you the best in achieving your dreams.

Göteborg, Sweden in August, 2011.

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In this photograph, you’ll see the Indian Community Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While I was in the city, I was staying with a super rad guy who lived just a few blocks away from this gorgeous building. As you may or may not have realized, I have a thing for architecture!

The Indian Community Center in Belfast, Northern Ireland, found in the Northern area of the city. This photo was taken near the end of August 2011.

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While in Berlin, Germany in the summer of 2011, I stopped to photograph Brandenburg on a couple of occasions. This photograph, however, seems to encompass the right feeling. The huge structure seems to devour the sky and the details of the inner panel are accentuation by the stark contrast. It’s making me miss that German sun!

Brandenburg in Berlin Germany, in July of 2011.

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Stranraer, Scotland

As you may have noticed, I usually don’t include the country in my title, but in this case, it seemed to fit. While traveling, there’s a lot of passing through. Stranraer, Scotand is a town in the southwest of Scotland, right on the coast. I briefly went by the city on my way from Belfast, Ireland to Glasgow, Scotland. There is a ferry, called the Stena Line, which transports passengers from Belfast to Stranraer and from there, I caught a bus to Glasgow. I happened to arrive just in time for a gorgeous sunset, and what with the beautiful weather here at home these days, I’m all about a gorgeous sky!

A gorgeous sunset in Stranraer, Scotland right after I got off a ferry in September 2011.

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