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A Swedish Delight: Kungsportsbron

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While enjoying my first trip to Sweden in 2007 visiting my uncle, his wife and my cousin, we ventured across many bridges in Gothenburg, Sweden.This particular bridge is called Kungsportsbron. It is a bridge over the moat in central Gothenburg, connecting Kungsportsavenyn with Kungsportsplatsen.

The bridge is named after the King’s Gate, a city port that was demolished 1836-1839. It was designed by architect Eugene Thorburn in the Italian Renaissance style and was opened August 14, 1901 by King Oscar II. That information brought to you by a combination of Swedish wikipedia and Google Translate.

The stone work and street lamps strike me most when looking at the bridge, but if you’ve followed this blog for a while, you know that I have a thing for bridges and bodies of water.

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Washington State

Hello again, friends! I have returned to the internet, as well as North Vancouver! Time for some new pictures, right? That was the point of my trips to Las Vegas and central Washington State!

Being that the second half of my trip was photographing for “work” (can you really call THAT much fun “work”?) for, I have begun to tackle the massive photo-editing mission in front of me from the middle, to the end, then back to the beginning until I finish back at the middle. If you’re still with me after that one, here’s my first photograph on my way to central Washington.

This was taken at 8:25pm on May 25, 2012. Me and my partner in crime throughout the duration of Sasquatch! Music Festival were headed the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington and here we were about halfway there on our drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, so likely just a few miles outside of Seattle. I love that you can spy the word “Travel” along the bottom and the beautiful sunset of this gorgeous late spring evening took my breath away. At a nearby gas station, the attendant didn’t seem quite as impressed with the sky, as he told me that later in the summer, the colours appear much more vibrant.

A sunset in Washington State in late spring, 2012.

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