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Quebec Sunset

Quebec Sunset

I thought I was going a bit fish-eye crazy, so I want to revert to a more standardized style.

This shot was still sitting on a memory card that I finally got around to formatting today. It brought me back to Quebec in late summer in 2012. I spent hours and hours driving back and forth between towns of Otterburn Park and Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec and I grew to know the roads so well that I would even take shots while driving 120 km/h… But don’t tell the cops!

This capture of a sunset was taken on the way to picking up a friend at work and although it was a long drive, I loved doing it every day because the timing was perfect for extraordinary views like this. My real summer fling was with this freeway and the gorgeous clouds looming above.

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Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden

I’ve founds quite a few trends when I look through my photos from the various places I’ve been. One of those trends includes skateboarders, as well as skateparks and ramps. From the graffiti to the culture and style, it’s always fascinated me, so no matter where I go, if I see it, I want to capture it.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, I discovered a make-shift skate park beneath the Älvsborg Bridge, and although void of any skaters, it caught my eye. Usually, I don’t bother with a wide angle lens with the skateboarders around, but with the expansive space to ourselves, my cousin, his wife and I wandered through and checked out the graffiti art and bits of broken wood, whether it was from old boards or old ramps. I caught this image of a half pipe in early August of 2011 and I really like the way it turned out with the fish-eye lens.


A halfpipe in Gothenburg, Sweden in August of 2011.

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During my most recent visit to the UK, I decided to stop in to visit a friend I had made at a festival in California the year before. She lived in Royston with her son and in nearby Cambridge, I had an experience I will never forget! Take a look at the photo below.Yes, what you’re seeing is correct. The neck of a guitar sticking out of a trash bin. Playing that neck is the arm of a man. A man who is inside the garbage, playing, as well as singing. By far the most original busker I have ever encountered!

Cambridge, England. Busker singing and playing guitar in a trash bin. I was shocked and amazed!

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I spent a good portion of my time in Sweden with my cousin and his wife. They are quite possibly the most adorable couple I have ever met! Congratulations to my cousin who is just about graduated! I wish you the best in achieving your dreams.

Göteborg, Sweden in August, 2011.

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