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Both times I’ve visited Wales, I was lucky enough to stay with a friend of mine during his time off from university. His parents own a B&B in Talgarth, Wales on the eastern side of the country, bordering England. The quaint bed and breakfast the family runs in the summer time, along with afternoon tea, is always a pleasure! Next time you’re visiting Wales, think Talgarth!

A fabulous bed & breakfast called Old Radnor Barn in Talgarth, Wales in mid August of 2011.

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In the summer of 2011, I went on a grand adventure around the UK and visited some family in Europe. During my visit to the UK, it was my friend Cai’s birthday in August, so I coordinated my visit to Wales, his home country, to be in time for his birthday. While I was there, he wanted to show me Swansea, the city in which his university is located, so I eagerly agreed to go.

Being from a city known primarily for a mountain known as the peak of Vancouver, I thought I knew hills. PFFT! You may have thought San Francisco was bad, but I can’t say I’ve ever climbed such a steep hill where you could find cars, houses, streetlights… Not a mountain, a street. I guess I’ve figured out why you’ve never seen an obese Welsh person! (And if you have, I’m 99% sure they either don’t live in Swansea or they use their car absolutely everywhere they go!)

Found on the south/west coast of Wales, Swansea is the second most populous city in Wales, after the capital, Cardiff. Interestingly enough, at the height of the city’s popularity, it was known at “Copperopolis,” one of the key centers of the world’s copper industry. These days, it’s all about the beach, as with many coastal cities. Locals, as with many cities around the UK, are often avid football (FC, not NFL if that makes sense) fans. Fate would have it that I arrived soon after of the announcement of Swansea AFC’s entry into the English Premier League. This was the first time in the history of the league since it’s inception that a Welsh team was on the roster.I happened to hear the first game they played in the league on the radio very briefly. Unfortunately, it a 4-0 loss to Manchester City. For those (like me) who don’t know much about the English Premier League, Swansea AFC has one of the lowest (if not lowest) budgets, where-as Manchester City is often regarded as the richest team. Talk about David and Goliath!

My mouse still hates me, so creating my little collages will be put on hold a little bit longer. For the photo of the day, I thought I’d share an image from the gorgeous sandy beaches of Swansea.


The beach at Swansea in August, 2011.

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